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Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
29.05.2006 100km 8.5hrs Mindo-Quito Beautiful Climb back to quito at 2800m Endless swithchbacks through the cloud forests with waterfalls and rivers in abundance.
13.05.2006 100 KM 6 Hrs Quito-Mindo Back in the saddle, A beautiful decent from 2800m to 1000m through gorgeous cloud forest and valleys


Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
09.03.2006 174km 10 Ambato-Mitad del Mundo Through thunder storms, dodging fork lightening at 3000m, hail and rain, through Quito city to San Antonio and the equator, cold, wet and tired we reached the conclusion of our tour ... Awesome !!!
08.03.2006 60Km 4 hours Riobamba-Ambato Hail and heavy rain all day, stopped early as freezing cold and wet, Ambato was a huge city we were not expecting
07.03.2006 70 6:30 Pallatanga - Riobamba. Climbed all day to 4,300m before descending into Riobamba. Got very cold at top, Angela with mild hypothermia after descent. Got in sleeping bag at roadside stall.
06.03.2006 98km 10 LA Troncal - Pallatanga. All up hill humid and very hot, never sweated so much before. Nice change of scene winding up mountain valleys.
05.03.2006 145 5:15 Machala - La Troncal. Banana trees small towns and houses on stilts. Really great ride. Loving it!
04.03.2006 103 4 Tumbes -Machala. NEW COUNTRY. Wahhooo. So good to out of Peru The desert stops and the bananas begin.We are now in the tropics. Metad del mundo (middle of the world and Quito is now on the same page of the map.
03.03.2006 106 4 Mancora -Tumbes. Got bike mount for rack we welded for 3rd time. Nice man took us to repair place. Party ouytside our window all night.
02.03.2006 190 8:30 Piura - Mancora. Hard day, sun beating down, hilly ride. Legs feel likle they have worked. Overpriced town. Slept well.
01.03.2006 225 9h Chiclayo - Piura Second longest ride of the trip, awesome ride Nothing but desert hot stuff in a warm cross wind.


Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
28.02.2006 111 4:30 Pacasmayo - Chiclayo. Great to be ridding again! Ready put the hammer down and get to Ecuador.
24.02.2006 105 3:20 Trujillo - Pacasmayo. Rode with Benni great fun! Felt a bit sick toward end. Got Typhoid so some days off followed. Keen to get back on the bike!
22.02.2006 65 3 Viru - Trujillo. Met Benni a cycle tourist from Germany at a cyclists hostal. Lucho the owner is a mad cyclists. Got us to help out at his kids cycle school.
21.02.2006 75 3 Chimbpte - Viru. Angela dehydrated towed her up hills with strap from bags. Still fun but tired.
20.02.2006 130- 6 Huarmay - Chimbote. Another great day in teh saddle. Getting used to moron drivers. Guide book sais don“t inter this area on bike.
19.02.2006 150 5:30 Huacho - Huarmay Fantastic ride! Rolling sand dune hills next to coast with tail wind. Finally organised with food and water.
18.02.2006 80 4 Chancay - Huacho, Borring ride, stopped early in small town. Eating crap food need more discipline.
17.02.2006 85 3:30 Lima - Chancay Nice coastal road, plenty of moron drivers but good to be riding.
13.02.2006 100 4:40 Asia - Lima. The big bad city turned out to be rather nice (where we were) the ride in was scary with massive shanty towns of people. Some living in rubbish dumps, was pleased when we got to the hostel.
12.02.2006 140 6:30 Pisco - Asia. Coastal ride past a few shanty towns. Asia an Americanised mini Vegas. A massive mall, chain stores. We had Pizza and watched Peru“s rich and famous strut around. Incredible contrast to where we had just ridden.
08.02.2006 112km Unknown Huaytara-Pisco Descended from 4000m to the seaside alongside river Pisco hostel in square, than change to hostel with a pool and pool table Very hot great to have a change of scene.
07.02.2006 130KM Unknown Ninobamba-Huaytara Climbed 4800 pass descended and climbed again to 4600 Hard riding Last decent in fog into Huaytara with no water or electricity
06.02.2006 80km Unknown Ayachycho-ninobamba Climbing again, raining all day very cold Silas unwell Stopped at restaurant 2 meals each Camped next door in old shack put up tent in side
03.02.2006 100Km not knowen Ocros-Ayachucho Arrived at night very tired and difficult ride Unfriendly towns stones and water throwen, Silas hit with rope across chest. Uneducated people
02.02.2006 80km not knowen Andahuaylas-Ocras Difficult climbing on dirt roads Hostel with cold showers outside, turning it on from under the ground Classic
01.02.2006 100Km 8 Quishuia-Andahuaylas Aggressive dogs and people calling 'gringo' Nice Scenery with steep sided mountains


Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
31.01.2006 80km 8hr Abancay-Quishuia great ride climbed for 5 hr through valley with view over town
30.01.2006 10km 2hr Abancay posada-Abancay *** 3 stars Broke rim Golden wheel replacement Lovely 3 star hotel
29.01.2006 105km 10hrs Hostel-Abancay posada camped inside Climbed all day Had to tow Ang last 4 km put tent up in restaurant with intriguing kids
28.01.2006 90km 3:30 Cusco to hostel near river with pool, surrounded by mango trees and paltas. Descended into oven
20.01.2006 155km Avg 22 Sicuani to Cusco Amazing ride along side meandering river through lush Vally's descending into Cusco
19.01.2006 110km 5hr Ayaviri to Sicuani gradual climb over 4325m pass, great decent into lush green valley along side meandering river
18.01.2006 100km Unknown Juliaca to Ayaviri Rolling countryside surrounded by snow caped peaks 5000m
17.01.2006 55 2:00 Puno to Julica easy ride rainy, friendly but dirty town looking forward to Cusco
16.01.2006 145 6:00 Copacobana to Puno Awesome lakeside rolling hills ride avg 21 Puno nestled into a cove of Titicaca touristy but nice Celebrated 4 months of riding with pizza and red wine
13.01.2006 85 unknown Lakeside hostel to Copacabana Undulating ride lake side descending into lakeside resort with pedalos and small boats, touristy but nice
12.01.2006 85 unknown La Paz to lake Titicaca Rainy and cold lots of crazy dogs not much fun !
06.01.2006 140 unknown Small town to La paz Long ride slowly climbing through El Alto with step decent into urban mayhem of La Paz. Ang still sick
05.01.2006 138 6:08 Hostel through dirty busy town of Oruru to lovely hostel in small one dog town had own mud hut with running water
04.01.2006 160 9:48 sevarugo road camp to drab Hostel Machacamarca just short of Oruru Very cold, Silas bathed in a bucket of hot water in court yard
03.01.2006 103 7:01 Uyuni to random sevarugo near road
02.01.2006 130 unknown Salar Uyuni to random camp on way to Oruru Still sick difficult ride on sand and mud Camped in river bed(dry) near roadside
01.01.2006 50 unknown Colchi-k south tip Salar Camped on clift side with amazing views awaiting lift back across salar


Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
31.12.2005 24 unknown Uyuni to Salar To much water to ride Hitched a ride across Salar to Colchi-k for New years feista Ang Sick
29.12.2005 55.3 3.24 Random to Uyuni easy ride good to be in a town Great markets Tried local food !!!!
28.12.2005 100 7.26 San Juan to Random Rocks 50km short Uyuni Very muddy and sandy road
27.12.2005 74.58 5:00 Ollague to San Juan across salt flats with no road only car tracks to follow. La paz Doctor lent us money for bread Camped on farm land outside san Juan
24.12.2005 86.15 5:44 Train camp to Ollague Municipalitad Via salt flats and flamingos
23.12.2005 114.9 8:03 random camp through Chiu Chiu to Randam camp sheltered next to train track and active volcanoe
22.12.2005 84.3 6:05 El Tatio to Random Camp Via Caspana a little green Paradise in this desert surroundings. Thought they had never seen another tourist as nobody would talk to us ... until the daily tour bus turned up !
21.12.2005 66.6 9:1 Puritama hot pools to El tatio Geysers. Difficult ride climbing on sandy roads. Geysers mearly hot pools of water. Very tired
20.12.2005 35.7 3:40 San Pedro De Atacama to Puritama hot pools. Awesome camps spot right next steaming natural hot pools. Hard riding climbed 1,000 vertical metres on sandy road.
16.12.2005 -- -- Day of in picturesque town, great hostel with swinging hammocks for relaxation, Great Cafes smacked out a few stylie ones, with pancakes. Total R+R, with planing for Bolivia
15.12.2005 172 9:42 Boarder Paso Jama to San Pedro de Atacama, Difficult ride at 5000m climbs over numerous step passes made difficult by altitude and strong head winds. Angela exhausted so slow riding in Silas“s draft. Amazing decent 2500m over last 45km into San Pedro de Atacama. Fruit Confiscated at boarder. Found great hostel, very relaxing, celebrated civilisation over dinner and bottle of Chilean red wine
14.12.2005 92 6:18 Catua to Boarder Paso Jama, exhausted am, slow riding on sandy road, hit asphalt at 50 km, with a strong Argentinian head wind, arrived late to boarder, Silas cooked up a storm of rice, eggs, tuna, cheese, tomato and capsicum. You new touring re-energiser meal.
13.12.2005 100 8:18 Boarder Paso Sico to Catua. Poor map and poor directions lead to a 75km detour on rough sandy roads with little water and no food. Very difficult, Silas carried Angela's Panniers as she was exhausted. Found Catua, small Inca village isolated in Andie's. Taken to Boarding school and fed and watered with Young children stairing at us, town fiesta post elections, difficult sleep in dirty hostel, exhausted.
12.12.2005 70 5:11 Salar Aqua's Calientes to Argentina Boarder, first shower in 7 days, no problems passing into Argentina even though had not officially left Chile as frontier in San Pedro de Atacama to long a out and back for cycle tourists. Chanced it and were lucky. Meet Argentinian cycle tourists at boarder, great stories.
11.12.2005 85 7:39 Random sand fly camp to Salar Aqua's Calientes. Amazing ride through Paso Sico, 6000m peaks, riding at 4500m, difficult sandy road, Awesome scenery. Camped with thermals and flamingos
10.12.2005 160 7:27 Random camp in Andie's to Random sand fly camp across Salar De Atacama. Evidence of heavy mining of Sala for lithium, 40% of worlds supply, Disappointing views of scared salt flat.
09.12.2005 87 odo 6338 km 7:19 Bottom of Andie's camp to Camp 3200m past miners town. Steep climb to heart of miners country, given food and water and coffee at entrance. Travelled through 2 of the biggest copper mines every car stopping to help with directions. Stopped twice by police to ask for passports to forward onto San Pedro de Atacama for our safety. Passed small salar with water pump and bath. Travel was slow passed mines as loaded with 25 l of water between us. Amazing camp site in dunes in heart of the Andean Atacama. Amazing mountains and Valleys.
08.12.2005 135 6:43 Random camp to Random camp in the heart of the mining district of the Atacama desert. Amazing Kindness from Posada owner selling us rice, and bread for 1 peso, as our supplies were running low with no supermarket in sight for the next week. Two miners in red Toyota stopped and gave us oranges, 4 cans tuna, 3 packets of biscuits and cake, 3 bottles of gas water, they were dumb founder as to our planned route. Police stopped to check if we were OK and offered information on our ruta, Amazing feeling from Chilean kindness great to be here.
07.12.2005 192 8:42 Truck stop to Random camp on side of sand dune. Long ride averaged 22 km/hr through desert, hot and tired camped 80KM south of Antofagasta, cool setting with endless desert views
06.12.2005 121 6:31 ChaƱaral to Posada (truck stop). Camped beside posada, very noisy, had truckers breakfast of fried eggs sandwhich.
05.12.2005 103 5:50 Bahia Ingles to ChaƱaral. Coastal town, last port of call before heading into the heart of the Atacama desert. Great hostel, stocked up on food and water for desert adventure
04.12.2005 90 4:34 Copiapo to Bahia Ingles, relaxed for the afternoon on white sand beach with clear blue waters, campground on beach front .
03.12.2005 -- -- Day off, letting the legs recover and re stoking supplies for the Atacama desert which we will soon be in the heart of. Amazing looking around at the sand dunes surrounding the town.
02.12.2005 154 7:11 Vallener to Copiapo. Old mining town great history, big old houses built during the mining boom of 1832 onwards. People more outgoing and talkative.
01.12.2005 125 6:29 Truck stop to Vallener. Small dodgy looking town but friendly people once we broke the ice. First day in the Atacama desert. Still the odd tree but getting more desolate by the km.


Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
30.11.2005 92 4:30 La Sarena to truck stop. Long climbs and descents along the mountanous coast of Chile. Picturesque but the legs still feeling the previous days ride.
29.11.2005 251.6 10:15 Los Vilos to La Sarena. Bloody hard! Hilly riding the whole day. Climbed a total of 3,648 meters over the day, max of 91! Bought some hot dogs from a gas station then Collapsed into the nearest hostel.
28.11.2005 68.8 3:08 Longatoma to Los Vilos. Easy ride with tail wind had a swim and body surf before camping behind a gas station, classy. Angela keen for a hostel tomorrow.
27.11.2005 135 5:32 Los Andes to Longatoma. Still finding it tough after the big break in Mendoza. Camped on a beach next to a farm.
26.11.2005 90 4:09 Punta Del Inca to Los Andes Chile. Short climb then 29 switchback descent into Chile. Fun fast day and as always a picturesque pass with snow and hidden lakes.
25.11.2005 72.6 5:26 Upsallata to Punta Del Inca. Amazing rivers and rock formations as the snow is melting and water tumbles down the mountain through a maze of valleys as we climb to 3,000 meters. Meet some local climbers and a couple of Ausies Ben and Steve about to head up Aconcagua.
24.11.2005 58.8 3:04 Camp site to Upsallata. Andes are getting steeper and colder as we head up nearly at the snow line.
23.11.2005 71 3:41 Mendoza to camp ground half way up the Andes on the way to Chile all up hill harsh first day. Carried leads of water to practice for the desert not sure if it was the best idea.
22.11.2005 84.3 6:05 El Tatio to Random Camp Via Caspana a little green Paradise in this desert surroundings. Thought they had never seen another tourist as nobody would talk to us ... until the daily tour bus turned up !
21.11.2005 84.3 6:05 El Tatio to Random Camp Via Caspana a little green Paradise in this desert surroundings. Thought they had never seen another tourist as nobody would talk to us ... until the daily tour bus turned up !
06.11.2005 -- -- Had 2 weeks much needed rest to learn some more Spanish and sample local wine.
05.11.2005 100 3:15 Camp ground to Mendoza. Averaged 30.6 hamered the whole way to try and catch the Rugby. Found an English pub and watched the AB“s destroy wales, great day!
04.11.2005 144 6:44 San Rafael to random camp ground with pool the Andes are looking bigger every day as we head north.
03.11.2005 -- -- Day off after hammer ride things are going fantastic!
02.11.2005 205km 8:46 Malargue to San Rafael. Met group of cyclists hammered for 20km at 40km p/h great fun!
01.11.2005 -- -- Day off Malargue shared stories and drank coffee with Antonio.


Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
31.10.2005 66km 3:50 Bardas Blancas to Malargue, Cruisy met Antonio Brizillian cycle tourist great guy.
30.10.2005 150km 8:27 Barrancas to Bardas Blancas stayed in only hostel in town nice owner.
29.10.2005 125km 6:28 Chos Malal to Barrancas. Up hill for first 70km cold snowed on us.
28.10.2005 -- -- Day off in Chos Malal looking forward to next region of Argentina Wine and hot pool country waahooo
27.10.2005 163km 8:13 Los Laslajas to Chos Malal. Great ride legs blown raced local into town (beat him)
26.10.2005 60km 3:00 Zapala to Los Laslajas. Strong head wind legs tired
25.10.2005 212km 9:50 San Junin De Los Andes to Zapala. Very had long day hot not too much wind
24.10.2005 86km 3:45 Laga Hermosa to San Junin De Los Andes. Back into Patagonia windy
23.10.2005 78km 4:41 Villa Anguastal to Laga Hermosa. Incredible ride on the 7 lakes road.
22.10.2005 106km 5:58 Lago Puyehue to Villa Anguastal. Cycling past lakes snow rivers amazing perfect day
21.10.2005 113km 6:22 Lago Lanquihue to Lago Puyehue. Another day in the saddle
20.10.2005 51km 2:44 Montt Caught to Lago Lanquihue. Cruisy ride wicked camp ground cold lake swim
19.10.2005 10km 1h Chaiten to Poerto Montt Caught ferry then road to camp ground day off
18.10.2005 82km 4:30 Random camp to Chaiten. Cold wet day snow and hail all day bulls on road passed between them many times
17.10.2005 104km 6:13 Puyahuapi to Random Camp Amazing green glacial river. Fast down hill on gravel fun day.
16.10.2005 97km 6:17 Un named lake to PuyahuapiHard mountain climbs all gravel many of bulls on roads
15.10.2005 143km 7:31 Coihaique to Buetiful un named lake. Paved fast hammered
14.10.2005 -- -- Day off in Coihaique fixed bikes
13.10.2005 126km 7:46 Chile Chico to Coihaique. Climbed over mountain great scenery arrived at night
12.10.2005 15km 1:30 Los Antiquos to Chile Chico. Boarder crossing back in Chile
11.10.2005 63km 2:46 Puerto Marino Los Antiquos. Hammered fast fun day
10.10.2005 30km 1:53 Tolhin Estancia to Puerto Marino Cruisy ride.
09.10.2005 105km 7:31 Baja Caracoles to Tolhin Estancia. Very windy all gravel Angela hurt hand while falling off rode 1 arm
08.10.2005 51km 4:00 Random camp spot to Baja Caracoles. Wind blew us off road many times, Angela pushing bike I cycled in ditch at 4/5km p/h
07.10.2005 112km 9:21 Estancia La Verde to Random camp spot. Very hard gravel like cycling on river bed imposible to ride.
06.10.2005 92km 5:10 Logo Cardiel to Estancia La Verde. Saw Armadillo very windy
05.10.2005 96km 6:14 Tres Lagos to Logo Cardiel. Camped next lake windy
04.10.2005 71km 3:52 Escancia La Lena to Tres Lagos. Camp ground closed so free primo
03.10.2005 95km 5:38 El Calafate to Escancia La Lena. Gravel for second half first swim in glacial lake cold!


Date: Distance: Duration: Notes:
26.09.2005 96km 4:14 El Cerrito to El Calafate. Hammered wicked fast ride
25.09.2005 68km 5:52 Tapi Aike to El Cerrito. Gavel head windy desolate v hard
24.09.2005 119km 6:25 Pourto Natalas to Tapi Aike. Camped next police station, all gravel passed back into Argentina windy
23.09.2005 67km 4:51 Rio Roubins to Pourto Natalas. Wind blew us off road many times, 5km p/h on flat very slow
22.09.2005 110km 5:44 Rio Verdi to Rio Roubins. Ran out of money Chilean family gave us food water and shelter awesome
21.09.2005 99km 5:38 Punta Arrenass to Rio Verdi. Camped on farm funny owner
20.09.2005 -- -- Caught Ferry from Pounvinear to Punta Arrenass 10km ride
19.09.2005 156.61km 9:19 San Sabastian to Pounvinear. Head wind all gravel and hilly ran out of food great day. Average 16.8 very long day undulating gravel road into head wind.
18.09.2005 82.62km 4:38 Rio Grandy to San Sabastian. Head wind hard going to Chilean boarder. Average 17.8 stayed in boarder town lucky not much wind.
17.09.2005 120km 8:13 Average 14.5 very hard wind 80-100kph lifted off bike Angela pushing bike in ditch next to road.
16.09.2005 104km 5:40 Ushuaia to Tolhin. Nice to be underway and out of Ushuaia. Through the most primo mountains! And above the snow line for most of it camped in Tolling (blink and you miss it town of which I’m sure there will be many).
14.09.2005 50km 3:00 Ushuaia to Ushuaia. Out and back to end of the world First day riding broke rack disaster too much gear Ange parts with hair dryer and platforms.