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Cycling South America From
The Southern Most City in the World
To The Equator

Ushuaia - the Argentine city 1,200 km from Antarctica
Quito -Ecuadorian city on the equator nicknamed "the centre of the world"

Via: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador
Distance 15,000km

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Points of interest / some of the significant landmarks that we will cover

The Team

Silas Cullen

Silas from Wellington later moved to Auckland where he completed his degree in Sports science, represented New Zealand for Triathlon and worked as a coach and health consultant. In April 2003 Silas and his two flatmates set out on a cycle touring adventure in South East Asia. This was a loop, cycling across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos then back into Thailand to finish in Bangkok 10,000km later. During this trip Silas wrote a monthly column for Endurance Sport Magazine and acted as trip photographer to record the journey over the 6 months it took to complete. He then moved to London joining in the Kiwi massive working and travelling. In 2004 Silas spent the summer sailing a yacht down the Atlantic Ocean coast of Spain and Portugal, and up the Mediterranean to the Balearic Islands. After slogging out a winter in London saving (sort of) and seeing as much of Europe as possible Silas will set out to complete the biggest challenge to date, "Cycling South America".

Angela McNaughton

Born and bred in Auckland Angela completed her Degree in Physiotherapy while representing New Zealand in Hockey . She then shifted to the UK to start her career as a physiotherapist. In 2002 Angela toured through America and Canada mountain biking and upon her return became a successful marathon Runner completing 6 marathons. Angela is currently working for the English Institute of Sport where she and has travelled to Olympics numerous world championships and Commonwealth games with various Triathlon and Athletics teams.

Angela is now looking to take a change of tack and a break from her career to complete an adventure she has been planning for the last 5 months.

Note: Silas and Angela may also be joined for parts of the trip by others to help with filming certain areas and to share in the adventure.

Why we chose Cancer and this Challenge and Style

Angela and Silas both share a particular dislike for the disease that has claimed the lives of all four of Silas' grandparents as well as some close friends who are either not with us today or are living with its debilitating effects.

South America is a place Silas and Angela have both dreamed of travelling though for a long time and after researching other areas South America provides the biggest challenges and rewards "it seemed like the logical choice". What better way to see South America than adventuring through it in true Kiwi style - off the beaten track and under our own steam. Why on a bike "it's much too far to walk"!


Date Suggested Progress
September 12th 2005 Arrive in Ushuaia and prepare for embarkation.
September 20th 2005 Commence cycling from Ushuaia through Argentina.
October Cycling through Patagonia.
November 2005 First Crossing of the Andes into Chile.
December 2005 Arrive in Santiago and catch a boat or fly to Rapa Nui a Polynesian settled island to do some exploring.
January 2006 Re commence cycling toward Bolivia, possibly via Argentina depending on road conditions. Over some very high passes and up to Lake Titicaca the highest navigable lake in the world on the boarder of Peru.
February 2006 Arrive lake Titicaca
March 2006 Cycle for Machu Picchu the lost city of the Inca.
April 2006 Cycle up Peru toward Ecuador and the highest volcanoes in the world.
May 2006 Catch Boat to Galapagos Islands.
May 2006 Arrive in Ecuador and cross the Equator completing the adventure.

Please note the start and end point for the trip are in concrete. Tickets are booked and preparations are progressing as planned. Also every cm covered in the trip will be under human steam alone except for the 2 trips to islands where we will sail, motor or fly.

From experience travel of this nature is unpredictable. Both timing the route taken may change. Dangers and opportunities pop up constantly and this cannot be planned for but certainly overcome.


Silas and Angela have both been cycling to work most days and look forward to getting in some longer rides through the Patagonian desert in the first month. Through experience a slow start in is the best way to get into these things.

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Please use this direct link to make a donation to cancer research in NZ. You can use a credit card and you know that 100% of the money is going to cancer research. There is information on the site about exactly how the money is used.

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